You’ve hurt me more than I knew I could be hurt as a person. Insecurities and self-blame were all I knew after that day. Just like that, my life changed. No choice. No say. But here I am, and here you are. Breathing the same air… .You’ve convinced yourself that I want nothing but revenge and to ruin your life. That’s okay. I know what kind of a person I truly am and I know you do too. I hope you know that even though I have every reason on this Earth to hate you, I don’t. I forgive you. And with that forgiveness I can finally let you go.

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Shut the fuck up and just go end your life


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This is wrong what is your problem how can yoh dislike someone so much for you to uay kill yourself you’ve never even met them what bc they disagree with you on things or they post about bunnies or something stupid do i like every user on tumblr no but A i dont hate any of them B i would never even think of wanting them ti kill them selves you make me sick and need to reavluate reevaluate your life my friend and the way you think